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a Little about me...
Laura Olson(ASCAP)
and WHY you should read this.
My musical background comes from typical classical training as a child.
My discovery of electronic synthesizers in my youth was less typical but not surprising considering that, in the 80s, my family was running a business building computers and programming. My love of electronic sounds was born and remains a part of my music to this day. The use of computer technology is a huge part of my composing techniques, style, and workflow.

laura working
laura harp warm
laura Yosemite barn dance
Also like most young aspiring musicians, I started teaching private lessons to beginners and performing as a pianist and cellist in every orchestra and ensemble available in the Fresno/Clovis community. I planted one foot solidly in a public school teaching career, and the other in performing, branching out into ethnomusicology on Irish harp and fiddle.

As a professional cellist, harpist, Irish fiddle player, and string specialist in the Clovis Unified School District, I have over 30 years of teaching and performing experience with groups like the Stockton and Fresno Philharmonic orchestras, Orpheus Chamber ensemble, solos in 1200 seat venues, and small groups in intimate pubs. I finished my M.A. in Irish Traditional Music Performance on Irish Harp and Fiddle, with a sold-out concert of over 2 hours of Irish music on a fully costumed and dramatically lit stage. It was recorded live and has been broadcast by local PBS stations on St. Patrick’s Day for years since.
So… I can say with confidence, “I know Orchestras”.

This is important if you are wanting music written for orchestra or with an ethnic flair. I have a deeper understanding of how an orchestra works and the compositional techniques for getting that cinematic style of music. If you are looking for music that uses virtual instruments, then I have the skills and expertise to use that technology in a way that sounds completely real. Anyone can own stock sample virtual libraries and instruments. But is the understanding there to effectively make them sound real? This is an important distinction lacking from many composers of media music.
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Silver Ace
I am the owner of publishing label Blue Steer Studios (ASCAP) which allows me to combine my composing and technology skills with both business and publishing aspects of the music industry. I am a winner of the Silver Ace Award from the Las Vegas Film Festival (2011) and have composed music for all types of media, including FIlm/TV, web and advertising, as well as my own personal music in audio CD and sheet music form. If you need sheet music parts for your ensemble, I will provide professional copies in a timely manner. If you need audio mockups of your projects I can deliver those too.
In 2021 I retired from teaching full time and took time off from composing to relocate to beautiful Eastern Washington (Spokane) and build the new studio. It is now up and running and I am composing full time and available for your project.

Winter Spopkane 2021
My priority in composing music is to support a story with soundscapes that can be easily visualized and increase the imagination. Large or small orchestras, choirs, ethnic instruments, electronics and sometimes ambient sounds are all a part of my compositional palette.

I want you to hear places or events just like reading any good story.

Real or invented.

P.S. A little more about me… (the un-musical stuff)

I LOVE Dogs. All shapes and sizes. (also cats, horses, sheep, wildlife, well, pretty much any animal). There are two rambunctious and precocious Australian Shepherds and six cats who let me live with them and as long as I keep their house tidy and feed them. The dogs and I perform the sport of agility and the cats are champion mousers and philosophers and all are endless sources of inspiration for music. (Even the mice)

Gypsy Agility
Cloud Agility
Ted on train
Laura walking
Dogs in Jeep
I enjoy crafting and sewing as there is time. Teddy bears are fun and mine each take their turn as a required companion when traveling. I have had a short background as a theater clothier and those fancy costumes are a treat to create. Consequently, a fully costumed teddy bear will emerge from my sewing room from time to time. Also quilts and other textiles as needed for the house or dogs.

My husband and I are avid gamers and have numerous video game platforms which makes me familiar with the Gaming industry and its music. We enjoy fighting together against a common enemy, especially if it takes place on a space ship.

hmm…really big space ships…

Must. Write. Music.

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