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Do you like the music of Robert John Godfrey and "The Enid"? If so, then I'm sure you will be delighted with this charming symphonic poem based on the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. Laura Olson once again proves that she's a brilliant composer and arranger, giving me the illusion of sitting in a magnificent old cinema while watching an epic fantasy movie. A real highlight of the genre!" Favorite track: Of Frogs and Princes.
Sven B. Schreiber

A Grimm-ly Lit Forest
The popular Fairy Tales by the
Brothers Grimm are brought to life
in 14 tracks of mystically treated
Harp, Cello, Piano and Choirs
combined with magical orchestras
and electronics for stunning
darkly cinematic, styled music.
Released 2018

One of my hobbies is to listen to the symphonic end-credits music of a good movie, which frequently is a small symphony in itself with all themes reocurring in one place. This is the moment when most people in a cinema stand up, start to chat, and busily head for the exit. What a pity, because they miss out on the best part of the movie! This album by Laura Olson feels like 37 minutes of end-credits in a row, which is an exceptional pleasure for sure. Favorite track: Ship of Golden Light.

SbS- Bandcamp
Moon Trees and Sun Seas
Symphonic and solo ethnic instruments combine with electronics to create a fantasy and cinematically styled soundscape for the imaginative listener.
Released 2015

The one and only song which will forever connect me with my beloved Bambaloo. In her final days of physical life, during my painful decision, she and I laid on the floor nose to nose and she comforted me by placing her paw on my arm and licking my hand. She knew. My soul still aches listening to this powerful piece which is fully a representation of who she was physically: Strong, Protector, Gentle, Unconditionally Loving, Intuitive, and who she IS NOW spiritually, in our bodies and souls every waking and non-waking moment of the rest of my life.

@abluepelican, YouTube-Poko Kachina walks with Mother Earth
Gypsy Road
10 tracks about dogs of myth and legend. From the Celtic isles to Greece, Egypt, India, the Polar north and beyond. Tunes to get your toes tapping and pull your heartstrings.
Released 2012

Border Guardians of Ackernon
This long awaited album features epic orchestral and choral music from the popular fantasy online TV series
Border Guardians of Ackernon.
Includes the bonus track
"The Pert Have a New Emporer"
from unreleased season two.
Released 2011

I just got this CD and I must say...I love it! The music is wonderful and I can easily picture different groups of characters and locations from the Redwall series when I listen to it. It's a must for Redwall fans! Thank you Laura for such wonderful music!

Liz Kofoed- Amazon customer
Mossflower Country
Inspired by the popular books of Redwall. Full of detail, this blend of symphonic and electronic takes you on a musical journey over a rich landscape.
Discover the characters and places
that bring it all to life!
Released 2010

Over the Fence
in the Land of Oz
The title song sung in Hmong with an orchestral setting from the action feature film "Over the Fence in the Land of Oz".
Released 2005

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